Sunday, October 25, 2009

Augmented History: The Must Have IPhone App for History Buffs

I've recently seen the future of the history field trip.

A group of companies in Europe have developed an iphone application that allows tourists the ability to point their iphone cameras at a historical building and in real time see historical notes, and can even see what the building looked like in the past.

The app uses GPS and image recognition and is being billed as "a vitural time machine". Various points in Europe have already been included. If this technology takes off, someday soon you will be able to physically visit places like Independence Hall in Philadelphia, point your camera phone, and watch a digital reinactment of the signing of the Declaration of Independence while you stand on the spot. How cool is that?!


Extra Credit- Create Your Own Augmented Reality App

1. Using the internet, a magazine, or other source find a current color photo of a historic location we are currently talking about. The photo should be fairly large (8"X11"). For example, since we are currently talking about early industrialization in the United States, you could have a present day photo of Thomas Edison's Menlo Park Laboratory.

2. Use the internet, your textbook, or other source to research facts about the historic location.

3. Create "pull outs" (word balloons) with intersting facts about the historic location and paste them to the photo. Imagine that the picture is being used as an Augmented Reality App.

4. See Mr. Palmer if you have any questions.

5. This will replace a quiz grade.

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